Here are a couple of elephant conservation videos, which we made for EARS and Celia “the elephant girl” Ho in the last year.

This is our award winning feature length documentary film Unjust, which has played at several film festivals in Europe and Asia in the last few years.

An edit we did for Amnesty’s campaign to highlight domestic helper abuse in Hong Kong

2013: Recent Projects

Here is our first production for the year. A short film for the Asian Human Rights Commission about police torture in Nepal, incorporating gruesome illustrations by Sushil Thapa.




Check out PbtW’s motion graphics promo for tech company 4mobiledonation.




Made for TV

Pictures By The Wayside has just finished producing a series of PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) for Nat Geo Wild. The team at Nat Geo Wild were looking for a number of PSA’s highlighting the plight of the Asian Elephant, which they could broadcast over a period of 5months (Sept 2012-Jan 2013) . So the we pulled a number of people working at the sharp end of elephant conservation to make their case, with some, including the elephants, being very “impactful”!

Tune in to Nat Geo wild to see these and more PSA’s.

Jack Highwood, Manager Elephant Valley Project, Cambodia and his elephant making their “impactful” case!

Dr Paolo Martelli, Chief Veterinarian, Ocean Park Hong Kong

Training, Learning and Development

Make a Difference, an international learning and development group, commissioned Pictures By The Wayside to produce a number of films about personal development. They wanted to use a visual medium that was both engaging and informative i.e.:Anime, but with a twist. So over a period of several weeks a storyboards, visualisation and imagery were pulled together. A fantastic project with long hours into the wee morning on several occasions and we’re thrilled to hear their clients love it and now want more!

Here’s a sample of one of the films and or go here to learn more about the team at MAD Office Hero.




Corporate Social Responsibility

A 5 month project about retiring old switch gear and transforming them into art has been is now complete. China Light and Power (CLP),  recently unveiled the sculptures and the Pictures by the Wayside film at Pacific Place. PBTW was commissioned by China Light and Power to produce this 8 minute short on the story of the old switch gear, the students, their creative journey and how it all finally came together.



EARS Asia, an elephant welfare charity working in places such as Thailand and Cambodia commissioned a film to be used for fundraising events and also as a general purpose piece for their website which would educate people about the impact of EARS and their work across Asia.

Human Rights

Pictures by the Wayside made a human rights film in Sri Lanka about the endemic problem of police torture. Please watch it to learn more:


Just released 3 Feb 2012

Pictures by the Wayside was commissioned by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation to compile a short documentary called The Tide is Turning about the growing global trend to ban the shark fin trade and protect sharks in the world’s oceans, featuring interviews with experts from across Asia. The film was released last week.

Plus a promo has just been released for the Hong Kong Shark Foundation’s “Happy Hearts Love Sharks” wedding competition.

Enter the competition here

Pictures by the Wayside completed a second corporate video for global medical group Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Pictures by the Wayside is currently writing the script for an upcoming crime thriller, to be released in 2014.


June 26 – International Day in Support of Torture Victims. Pictures by the Wayside made a video for the Asian Human Rights Commission to highlight the systemic and widespread problem of torture in Asia.


Jigantic Jenga and Flashmob TwoPictures by the Wayside created two films about two separate campaigns by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation, which campaigns against the over-consumption of shark fin in Hong Kong and China.

Flashmob Freezemob 2:

Jigantic Jenga


Pictures by the Wayside created an internal comm’s video for global pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb.

For pictures of the shoot. See here.


Unjust is a feature length award winning documentary film about three widow’s fight for justice after losing their husbands to state violence. Despite the rising economic clout of many countries in Asia, state agents still use torture, enforced disappearances and extra-judicial killings with impunity. Unjust follows the widows during their long and dangerous fight for human rights in Asia.

  • Unjust featured as one in 10 films in “A Matter of ACT” at Amnesty International’s Movies That Matter Film Festival in The Hague in March, 2011. At the festival, Unjust won Golden Butterfly Special Jury Award.
  • Unjust won the Human Rights Press Award for Broadcast in April 2011 at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Hong Kong.
  • Unjust won the 2010 Asian Human Rights Creative Media Award.

Say No To Shark Fin Flashmob is a short film about a flashmob event staged by the Hong Kong Shark Foundation to highlight the growing crisis of sharks population decline in the oceans. View the film here.


Pictures by the Wayside provided key grip crew to multimillion-dollar feature film production Supercapitalist, a financial thriller set in Hong Kong. The film is due for release in 2012. Follow Supercapitalist here.







Fin is a award winning documentary film about the shark fin industry reaching across the globe to decimate shark populations in all the world’s oceans. Fin traces the fins’ route from where they are ensnared to the global hub of shark fin consumption – Hong Kong and southern China.

  • Fin won the Audience Choice Award at the I Shot Hong Kong Film Festival in 2009

Pictures by the Wayside created a large number of product videos for global travel security bag brand PacSafe.