Pictures by the Wayside was founded by Josefina Bergsten, a veteran in the world of media, with 20 years experience in Asia as filmmaker, journalist and photographer.

During her time in Asia, Josefina has covered major news events and highlighted human rights and environmental issues in the region, such as:

  • Independence struggle in East Timor,
  • Torture and disappearances Sri Lanka
  • Civil war and UN operation in Cambodia.
  • Shark fin industry in Hong Kong.
  • Elephant conservation efforts in Southeast Asia

Pictures by the Wayside’s core focus is making films on human rights and environmental issues in the Asia Pacific region, with a particular focus on producing engaging films for NGO’s and companies wishing to highlight their CSR programs.

NGO Work

NGO films include feature-length documentaries as well as promotional/educational awareness building shorts.  During 20 years in Asia we have amassed a deep knowledge of the issues with an extensive network in the region.

Corporate / CSR Work

Our corporate work spans a global medical groups to technology firms and a large energy company, all with a particular niche focus or important issue they wanted to push out there, in a unique way.