Unjust Screened In Mumbai Film Festival

Mumbai’s 2nd Human Rights Film Festival called Flashpoint screened Unjust in December 2011 and has now also confirmed they will screen Unjust in their follow on festival in Delhi early February 2012.

Screening of these films along with panel discussion and media campaigns could possibly bring about a change in perceptions and mindsets and initiate action. Flashpoint intends to spotlight human rights issues and make a call for the audience to act as ‘Flashpointers’,” says Sridhar Rangayan of Solaris Pictures, which is organising the festival.

With increased attendance at both events and higher profiling of the issue of state sponsored violence, we’re encouraged to hear this issue being highlighted to even more people than before. The question remains will countries such as Sri Lanka who are increasingly becoming a dictatorial state, heed the message??

Click here to read more and watch a trailer of the film Unjust.